Neatline Antique Maps

Here is a recent bit of score I composed for a very interesting company based in San Francisco, Neatline Antique Maps.

In this short film we are taken back to San Francisco circa 1850 where we learn some very interesting history about how real estate on the waterfront area was slowly built up…on the decks of tradeships!

For this short feature I tried to use some period appropriate harmonic devices and I also threw in the rare and unique sounds of the Glass Harmonica as a transitional interlude.

Lucas Westbrook
CampusLore - Pro Athletes Share College Memories

Excited that a simple but funky rhythmic loop I composed is now the musical set piece for these stories.

'CampusLore' is a series of short candid interviews where NFL players reach back and recount the memories that stood out for them during their years playing College football. 

Scoring is always about adaptation, and also 'scaling'. In this project I chose to break it down to just a very minimal beat to add a little motion to these great anecdotal interviews. 

Lucas Westbrook